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 Tiny M. prolifera?

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Tiny M. prolifera? Empty
PostSubject: Tiny M. prolifera?   Tiny M. prolifera? Icon_minitimeFri Apr 23, 2010 2:55 pm

Hey all... Well, I'm still not home... and this apartment doesn't get any sun on the balcony... so the pics area bit dark.
But I finally got some of that M. prolifera that I posted pics of a while back. I met up with the guy who took them. He says he got the plant in 1971 from a little mom and pop garden center in Pennsylvania. He says he almost never waters it as when he does, the heads swell a lot and then turn to mush and it spreads from on head to the next.
It looks pretty healthy to me and not in need of water right now.
I took some pics with a wooden match head and some with a dime as reference of size as I don't have a ruler here.
The flowers appear to be typical M. prolifera flowers (color and size).
But it is SOOOO Tiny compared to my other plants! The Largest head is still smaller than normal heads.
Any opinions?
Oh... one odd thing I noticed, I've not seen too many M. proliferas unpotted but this one appears to be a main stem with all these heads branching off of it or others off of the main stem. Some reached the soil and have rerooted. Is that how they grow? I'd think so.

Anyway... Sorry for so many pics, but wanted to make sure I got enough Smile If you want a better picture of a spot, let me know. I'll zoom in on any part you want to see.

Tiny M. prolifera? P1200431

Tiny M. prolifera? P1200432

Tiny M. prolifera? P1200433

Tiny M. prolifera? P1200434

Tiny M. prolifera? P1200436

Tiny M. prolifera? P1200430
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Tiny M. prolifera?
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