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 Early flowering Mammillarias

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PostSubject: Early flowering Mammillarias   Early flowering Mammillarias Icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2019 2:42 pm

I am looking out for some tips to get the early blooming (December/January/February) Mammillarias into flower, I know Mammillaria giselae, pectinifera, plumosa, senilis and zuberlae are flowering at this time, in the past I had luck with giselae and zublerae. But the rest was quite reluctantly. I give them light sprays and if I see buds I move them from the greenhouse inside. How do you handle these plants?
Kind regards Jonathan

Mam. giselae H.O. 495 - Cerro Bufa El Diente, Tamps.
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PostSubject: Re: Early flowering Mammillarias   Early flowering Mammillarias Icon_minitimeFri Feb 22, 2019 8:48 am

I'm not sure if my winter climate (10 hour days, no frost) is a good example, but my Mammillaria stay mostly dry from November onwards (possibly earlier if we have a wet autumn), with some very light watering only if we have a few days of warmer weather, because clear skies are common for us and in the greenhouse it can get really hot. An exception would be M. plumosa, that I water lightly throughout the winter. That said, this year we've had a cold(ish) and dry winter but I don't remember watering my plants until last weekend, when they got a drink. The species you mention (except for M. zublerae that I don't grow), and a few others, don't seem to mind the dryness and flower anyway.

Just out of curiosity, these are the species that have flowered for me so far in 2019:
M. aff. formosa Rog326
M. egregia MK160-461
M. gasseriana "Ojo de Agua"
M. hahniana
M. karwinskiana ML352
M. lasiacantha SB255
M. magallani SB143
M. magnimamma
M. pectinifera SB530
M. plumosa
M. ritteriana
M. sanchez-mejoradae
M. schiedeana subsp. giselae ML677
M. sp. K145-3
M. stampferi
M. wohlschlageri RS450 and SB1965

plus a few others I didn't take note. So you see, our winter climate is very different from yours and it probably makes a big difference to have high day temps.
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PostSubject: Re: Early flowering Mammillarias   Early flowering Mammillarias Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2019 8:56 pm

The species which Jonathan mentions are certainly not particularly early flowerers in my collection, except for M. plumosa, which does form buds in winter, but the flowers never open. The reason is that my greenhouses are quite cold in the winter, too cold for plumosa buds/flowers to develop/open. Many of my mammillarias even get an occasional frost, just like many of them get in nature. The very cold sensitive mammillarias are brought into my house in November (beneckei, guerreronis), somewhat cold sensitive species are brought into my house when a frost period is there, and the others only when the frost goes to -5 C or lower for a series of nights. If it is that cold for just 1 or 2 nights then I use an electric heater to keep the temperature around 0 C.
M. senilis has stayed in my greenhouse this whole winter and it has gotten a few frosts of -8 and -9 C. Soem buds already became visible in November, but my senilis will not flower before April.
Some friends of mine live 30 km from here, and they keep their greenhouse at a minimum of 12 C. Their plants flower at least one month earlier than mine. So, the warmer the greenhouse in winter, the earlier the mammis will flower.

Wolter, in the north of The Netherlands.
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PostSubject: Re: Early flowering Mammillarias   Early flowering Mammillarias Icon_minitime

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Early flowering Mammillarias
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