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 I'm late but I will hurry up

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I'm late but I will hurry up Empty
PostSubject: I'm late but I will hurry up   I'm late but I will hurry up Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 11:41 am

Now I introduce myself.
I'm 47 even if sometimes I feel five....
I'm from Northern Italy and in my "non-garden life" I'm a Historical Researcher,
have a Bachelor Degree in art history (Thesis on italian painter Alberto Burri when was P.O.W in Compound Hereford-Texas)
I like Bach music and play Piano.
That is synthetically my background.

I have cultivated roses and over time I deepen my experience in their hybridizing.
For some years I observed my husband's Marco (nickname Zaskar) cacti plants.
He prefers cactus but has 2 large mammillarias too.
I love mammillarias and I have some of them that I particularly care (I've some cacti too).
I also have a guardian for my mammillarias called Bart and another boxer dog, my beloved Uma.
I'm late but I will hurry up Guardi10

My collection is composed (in costant update) by:

1-Mammillaria Geminispina ssp san ciro;
2-Mammillaria Matudae (ssp serpenteiformis?)
3-Mammillaria Matudae cristata;
4-Mammillaria Fraileiana;
5-Mammillaria Bombycina;
6-Mammillaria Duwei;
7-Mammillaria Karwnskiana;
8-Mammillaria Gracilis ssp snowcap;
9-Mammillaria Slevinii;
10-Mammillaria Thornberi;
11- Mammillaria Grahamii;
12- Mammillaria Theresae
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I'm late but I will hurry up Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm late but I will hurry up   I'm late but I will hurry up Icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 7:49 am

non avevo ancora visto il post....
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I'm late but I will hurry up
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