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 Visit collection Plein 2008

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PostSubject: Visit collection Plein 2008   Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:47 pm

A few other forummembers and I had have the luck to visit Herr Plein's collection last weekend. Together with herr Rogozinski's collection is it the place to be for every Mammillaria lover. A short impression:

Chris Davies is asking Herr Plein were a particularly specie of Mammillaria is growing. W. Plein is showing him the right direction:

The real M. prolifera ssp. arachnoidea from the type plant Of David Hunt: H 8598 from Antiguo Morelos, Tamaulipas.

A huge M. morganiana, often mislabeled in collections, but this is a real one

A very nice specimen of M. lanigera

Mammillaria elegans v. teyuca

A serie of M. tesopacensis

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Visit collection Plein 2008
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