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 Visit collection Plein 2014

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PostSubject: Visit collection Plein 2014   Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:56 pm

Find me?

Mam. mercadensis PN 441 - Presa Peña del Águila, Rodeo - Durango, 1927 m, Dgo.

A very large Mammillaria goldii in flower..

Some specimen of the series Supertextae

A very nice spined Mam. meissnerii
TL 40 - Zapotitlan de Salinas, Pue.

Series Leucocephalae..

Some giant M. microthele's

One of my favourite Mammillarias - M. apozolensis

An already clustering M. maycobensis
Rog 223 - e. Maycoba, 1500 m, Son.

Looking at some M. canelensis forms with Walter Hellinx   Very Happy

Very rare.. M. nacoriensis H.O. 523 - n. Puente Los Taraices, Son.

Wolfgang & me
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PostSubject: Re: Visit collection Plein 2014   Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:38 pm

Eine großartige Reise, Jonathan.
Sehr interessant.
A magnificent trip.
Very interesting.
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Visit collection Plein 2014
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