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 Best time to re-root?

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Best time to re-root? Empty
PostSubject: Best time to re-root?   Best time to re-root? Icon_minitimeWed Aug 06, 2008 3:57 pm

I have some old plants wher ethe bottom of the stem has become rather scarred and distorted. Some of this damage was from a red spider attack 7 years ago which was not dealt with quickly enough. Now the plants have grown through the damage and are very healthy, flowering well, I want to restore a proper appearance. So I plan to cut straight through the stem, let it dry off, and then re-root, perhaps using hormone rooting liquid or compound.
My question is if there is a best time of the year to re-root a cutting such as this - or does it not matter. I would expect that winter time is not good, as the plant will stop growing as watering is stopped and temperatures drop. But is Spring best, as it is when new growth would naturally start? Or summer when the temperatures are higher?
Any experience from our members would be very helpful.

Chris43, moderator
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Best time to re-root?
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