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 some close ups

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PostSubject: some close ups   some close ups Icon_minitimeWed Jul 21, 2021 7:19 pm

albata Rog 101
some close ups Img_6210

bombycina fma. Colomos
some close ups Img_6212

bombycina Rog 383
some close ups Img_6216

longiflora SB 1936
some close ups Img_6118

lloydii Rep 1250a
some close ups Img_6114

luethyi - Santa Maria Morelos, Coah.
some close ups Img_6115

meissneri Rog 136
some close ups Img_6117

pseudocrucigera JOHN - Bernal, Qro.
some close ups Img_6211

saetigera subsp. woodsii Rog 574
some close ups Img_6116

saint-pieana (pilensis) Lau 1451
some close ups Img_6120

sempervivi Rog 200
some close ups Img_6215

standleyi Rog 658
some close ups Img_6119

theresae - Coneto Pass, Dgo.
some close ups Img_6214

winterae Rog 441
some close ups Img_6213

xaltianguensis? Michoacan
some close ups Img_6121
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some close ups
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