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 Mammillaria bachmannii

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PostSubject: Mammillaria bachmannii   Mammillaria bachmannii Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2013 9:24 pm

Mammillaria bachmannii
This species was described from cultivated plants of unrecording origin, and is virtually impossible to properly identify or correlate with species in the field. This indications are that it is attributable to Mammillaria sempervivi, althuoght plants seen in cultivation under this name have been referable to M.orcuttii.
Mammillaria by John Pilbeam pag.319

From the journal:
M. bachmannii Bod. Certainly all the plants I have seen under this name do not resemble the plant photograph or the description in Craig. The latter plant in my collection is flat, globular, solitary (for six years anyway), with about 16 thin, weak dirty-white radials about 4mm. long, 2 porrect centrals, pink with grey tips in youth, grey later, stouter, the lower about 7mm. long the upper 5mm. , flowers deep carmine, fruit carmine hardly protruding beyond the
tubercles, seed brown with end hilum.

"REVIEW OF Mammillaria NAMES IN CURRENT USAGE" (Part 22) by D.R. Hunt
M.bachmannii Hort. (non Boedeker) .
Mr Pilbearn ( l . c . ) asks what name 'the fairly constant masquerader under this name should bear. I have only seen rather small plants under this name and suspect they may all derive from one source Mr; Maddam, and I agree that they are referable to series Leucocephalae and perhaps to the neighbourhood of M.woodsii, though dark spined

Mammillaria bachmannii
Sowed by "Ento" Ennio Toso - Savona
Seeds from Czech Republic

Mammillaria bachmannii Bachma10

Mammillaria bachmannii Bachma11

Mammillaria bachmannii Bachma12
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Mammillaria bachmannii
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