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 Mammillaria trichacantha ( K. Schumann )

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Mammillaria trichacantha ( K. Schumann ) Empty
PostSubject: Mammillaria trichacantha ( K. Schumann )   Mammillaria trichacantha ( K. Schumann ) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 17, 2008 9:02 pm

First Description: Gesamtbeschr. Kakteen, 2 Aufl.(Nachtrag): 133.1903

Body: depressed globose to globose, in culture becoming cylindrical at age, solitary or clumping, 20 - 60 mm high and 30 - 40 mm in diameter, with somewhat sunken apex coverd with spines, brownish green to dark green.
Roots: Fibrous.
Sap: Without latex.
Tubercles: Cilindrical to ovoid medium set, 7 - 8 mm long and 4 - 6 mm thick.
Areoles are round, 1 - 1,5 mm in diameter with some short white or yellowish wool, later becoming naked.
Axils: Naked or with some woolish hairs.
Radial spines: 10 - 15, 4 - 9 mm long,bristle like to needle like,the upperone the shortest,horizontal radiating, straight,glassy white to glassy yellow.
Central spines: 2 - 4, 8 - 10 mm long, one longer and hooked, the others straight and 4 - 6 mm long,all needle like and sometimes featherlike, brown to dark brown.
Flowers: Funnelform, 15 - 17 mm long and wide, whitish or yellowish.
Fruit: Club shaped with flower rest, glossy red, 20 - 25 mm long and 4 mm wide, ripens 12 months after flowering.
Seed: Black, balloon shaped, 1 mm long and 0,9 mm wide; Hilum basal white and round.
Geographic Distribution: Northeast of Salinas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Bibliography: Reppenhagen, die Gattung Mammillaria: 94.

Mammillaria trichacantha ( K. Schumann ) 33etwd5

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Mammillaria trichacantha ( K. Schumann )
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