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 Mexico trip - part 10

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Mexico trip - part 10 Empty
PostSubject: Mexico trip - part 10   Mexico trip - part 10 Icon_minitimeMon Jun 07, 2010 3:05 pm

This report covers two days, travelling with some speed down the coastal states, leaving Navajoa and ending up in Mazatlan, with a night in Culiacan on the way.

We retraced out steps of last evening and went straight now to the location we had been seeking, and found:

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1124
Mammillaria sonorensis from near the bridge over the Rio Cuchujaqui

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1125
Closer view of M. sonorensis

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1126
Also near the river we found examples of M. swinglei

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1127
and beautiful white spined plants which I take to be M. gueldermanniana with short straight spines.

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1128
Close up of the white spines

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1129
The rocky sides of the canyon were quite challenging to ascend, but certainly well worthwhile.

Near the village of Guirocoba, we found the Ferocactus pottsii that we had been aiming for, but also:

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1130
More of the M. gueldermanniana - or is this one the form that is called guirocobensis?

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1131
and on the rocks this plant, which I take to be a form of M. mazatlanensis, at the extreme end of its range. But it might be another form of M. sheldonii.....??

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1132
A closer view of this plant.

The next day we stopped beside the bridge over the Rio Elote, and underneath the trees were a huge number of plants:

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1133
M. beneckei

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1134
A closer-in view of the spines of M. beneckei

Then a stop at another bridge - this time over the Rio Piaxtla - and:

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1135
Mammillaria mazatlanensis

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1136
Mammillaria bocensis

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1137
A closer view of M. mazatlanensis

Although we were staying in Mazatlan that night we wanted to explore some of the more mountainous area to the east, so headed up the MX40.

After a couple of stops which had Agaves but nothing else, we finally stopped a little way past the village of El Carizo. The view was spectacular:

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1140
The view

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1141
Down in the rocks to the bottom left of the previous photo, there was just one white spined plant.

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1142
Which turned out to be Mammillaria guillauminiana, quite a prize to have found even just the one!

Mexico trip - part 10 Pict1143
A closer look at M. guillauminiana.

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Mexico trip - part 10
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