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 Mammillaria rectispina (Dawson) Reppenhagen

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Mammillaria rectispina (Dawson) Reppenhagen Empty
PostSubject: Mammillaria rectispina (Dawson) Reppenhagen   Mammillaria rectispina (Dawson) Reppenhagen Icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2008 4:06 pm

First description: by Dawson, Cact.Succ. J. US 38: 80 (1966)

Body: Solitary or sometimes clumping, depressed globose to globose, dull green, 20-70 mm high and in diameter.

Roots: Taproot like.

Sap: No latex.

Tubercule: Conical, medium set, 5-7 mm long and wide.

Axil: Naked.

Radial spine: 14 - 20, 3-7 mm long, straight, smooth, bristle like to needle like, radiating, glassy white with brown tips.

Central spine: 3 - 5, mostly 4, 5-10 mm long, somewhat thicker than the radials, straight, sometimes a hooked spine but very rare, glassy white with brown tips.

Flower: Funnelform,l anceolate, dull pinkish with carmine pink midveins, 14-16 mm long and 16-18 mm wide.

Fruit: Red or yellow, club shaped, small, 10-25 mm long and 2-6 mm wide. Ripens somewhat 12 months after flowering.

Seed: Black, globose to balloon shaped, 1 mm long and 0,9 mm in diameter. Hilum white, big, basal to subbasal. Selfsterile.

Geographic Distribution: Mexico, Baja California, Cedros island, Punta del Norte. Altitude 200 meter.

Comments: The shape of the flowers says that it is not related to goodrichgei, but more with dioica.

Bibliography: Reppenhagen: Die Gattung Mammillaria: (40) 128-129.

Mammillaria rectispina (Dawson) Reppenhagen IMG_9716

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Mammillaria rectispina (Dawson) Reppenhagen
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