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 Elephantidens or pycnacantha or???

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Elephantidens or pycnacantha or??? Empty
PostSubject: Elephantidens or pycnacantha or???   Elephantidens or pycnacantha or??? Icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2008 6:17 am


I have two as elephantidens, but not so sure.

First labelled elephantidens, but looks more like pycnacatnha to me, definite csp and rsp and elephantidens shouldn't have them. also tubercles seem longer than wide.

Elephantidens or pycnacantha or??? IMG_6894

Second, labelled sulcolanata, which is referred to elephantidens. But the COry book says many plants published recently as sulcolanta were definitely pycnacantha. Plant seems too proliferous, and too many rsp in some cases. I have a harder time here, since the larger spines seem more like radials, or subcentrals consistent with elephantidens, but some areoles have up to 6 or 7 fine rsp at top, more than elephantidens should have.
Elephantidens or pycnacantha or??? Ei146
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Elephantidens or pycnacantha or???
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