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 Potting up June 2008

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Potting up June 2008 Empty
PostSubject: Potting up June 2008   Potting up June 2008 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 10:32 pm

Today I have been potting up seedlings that were sown on the 28-5-07. The seedlings were later pricked out into the modular cells that I now use. These cells are 1cm x 1cm and the spines of a number of seedlings where starting to touch each other so it was time to move them on. The shot below shows that the roots have filled the whole of the cell. The seedlings are M.bella H.O.267 from the 2007 AfM seedlist.

Potting up June 2008 2whhyeb

The seedlings have been potted on into a larger sized modular cell. These are 25cm x 25cm and the plants will spend about 1 year in these cells. These larger cells will allow the plants to grow on without compeating with each other. By growing them in these cells it will be more simpler to pot up in a year's time and it ill also help reduce root disturbance .

Potting up June 2008 24y70r5
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Potting up June 2008
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