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 Non Germinating Mammillaria species

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PostSubject: Non Germinating Mammillaria species   Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:28 pm

Hi, I am wondering ? In the past two years I have returned to growing cacti from seed after 30 years out of the hobby. I cannot complain, I have planted a lot of seed and as expected mixed results but generally good. However the genus I seem to have the most difficulty germinating is Mammillaria. Maybe its dodgy seed, maybe the particular species need treating in some way. So the ones in particular that I have had trouble with are M. Lauii , two separate forms from different sources - zero germination. M. Grahamii 100 seed batch from Cactus Store - zero. Mammillaria pennispinosa, mammillaria nana, mammillaria hutchisoniana, Mammillaria Toluca - a few popped up but very low rate, Mammillaria Blossfeldiana - 5 germinated from 30 but this was fresh seed from a supplier where everything else was very high germination. There are probably a few others too, any feedback on this seed need to be fresher, older, cold treated etc ? Certainly the group around hutchisoniana / blossfeldiana etc seem to be very reluctant. Seed has come fro Cactus store, Mesa, Koehres and some private Australian growers. Thanks in advance.
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Non Germinating Mammillaria species
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