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 My collection of mams

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PostSubject: My collection of mams   Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:02 pm

I had a lot more mams that I realized. Late winter, and a repotting year, so a lot of my cacti aren't as plump and colorful as they usually are.

M. columbiana

M. columbiana seedlings.  10 months old.  They're probably small for their age.  I planted them in the wrong season and they stalled over winter for a while.  

M. rhondantha recent box store find

M. elongans  I just found this perfect one at Lowes and already producing fruit.  I'm planning on sowing some of the seeds as soon as I free up some room on my shelf.  

M. magnimamma

M. schiediana

M bombycina still a little skinny from winter

M. candida f rosea  really hard to get good pictures of those white ones!

M. chiocephala

M. pringlei recent find

M gracilis fragilis got a little elongated this winter, but I figure pups will cover that up soon enough.

No longer sure.  I got this unlabled beauty 4 years ago from a greenhouse. At one point I found a picture just like it labeled a M. sheldonii but it's not coming up when I google that now.  

Here's an old picture of it's flowers.  I was going to wait until those buds opened, but storms and cloudy days is making it look like I'm not going to get a good pic this round.  

M. elongata 'copper king' recent find

M. plumosa

M. guelzowiana
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My collection of mams
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