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 Cactus under carbonate 12

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PostSubject: Cactus under carbonate 12   Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:16 am

Hello everybody!

M. varieaculeata FO 170 (930.7-varieaculeata FO-170 very long sharp spines)

M. varieaculeata FO 170

M. varieaculeata ML 195 (930.6-varieaculeata ML195 Calipan, Pue, very long curly centrals)

M. varieaculeata ML 195

How much for the tag, I got these cacti under a different name.
My doubts were dispelled mammillariamaniac. He suggested M. carnea.

For my part I could not find anything.
Maybe someone has an idea?

Summer rains washed away part of the fluff. Or the wind.

I want to congratulate all of the
NEW YEAR.  santa

I almost reached the canyon, the machine jammed.
Once pushed, they did not dare to go further.  Smile
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Cactus under carbonate 12
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