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 ID for my mammillaria sp pls

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PostSubject: ID for my mammillaria sp pls   Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:00 am

Hi guys,
I bought this Mammillaria sp. 2 weeks ago.
Tubercule arrangement: I found spirals  8 – 13
Radial spine: 7 White creamy with black tips.  
Central spine: 2 Brown with black tips. Upper one 1 cm curved and  lower one  is 2,5 cm long, straight.
Not seen flowers
I want to learn name of this sp.
I suspect   M. magnimamma, M. winterea, M. melanocentra ssp melanocentra or M. mystax spp casoi?    not sure.
Thank you for replies.

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ID for my mammillaria sp pls
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