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 Cacti on logs.

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Cacti on logs. Empty
PostSubject: Cacti on logs.   Cacti on logs. Icon_minitimeTue Nov 01, 2016 9:26 am

Hello to all!

There were more summer photos.
Many pictures prevent labels. Photography is likely to technical catalog.
In the spring begin to shoot all the rules "... under the bright light of the left, among the reddish grass."

M. theresae albiflora

Cacti on logs. M_ther11

M. albiarmata (coahuilensis)
Cacti on logs. M_albi11

M. apozolensis saltensis L1045
Cacti on logs. M_apoz12

M. apozolensis saltensis
Cacti on logs. M_apoz13

M. aureilanata albilanata
Cacti on logs. M_aure10

M. aurihamata
Cacti on logs. M_auri11

M. berkiana L1245
Cacti on logs. M_berk11

M. blossfeldiana SB1486
Cacti on logs. M_blos13

M. blossfeldiana SB1854
Cacti on logs. M_blos15

M. blossfeldiana WM5620
Cacti on logs. M_blos14

M. bocasana aureispina
Cacti on logs. M_boca11

All the best. Smile .
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Cacti on logs.
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