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 Identification of Mammillaria from Lanzarote garden cacti

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PostSubject: Identification of Mammillaria from Lanzarote garden cacti   Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:47 pm

Hello. I submitted a question about the identification of a Mammillaria exposed in a cacti garden in Lanzarote, identified as Mammillaria karwinskiana. I did it in the 'Other collections' section, because another user had published the same especimen I am in doubt in that section, so I take advantage of that to expose my subject. The problem is that nobody has answered, probably because that section is not so visited like this one. So I have thought to put a link to the question in this thread, expecting get some suggestion. So there it goes. The link is:

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Identification of Mammillaria from Lanzarote garden cacti
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