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 Mammillaria gieseckei

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PostSubject: Mammillaria gieseckei   Sat Aug 23, 2014 6:00 pm

Mr. Chris Davies, in this forum:
I first came across the name M. gieseckii when I was trying to research a plant that I had in my collection under the name of M. flavicentra K145. I didn't think it was flavicentra, and I discovered that it was also known under the name of M. gieseckii n.n.

K145 came from Calipan, Puebla. This is my plant, which I have had mine since 1987.

I have another much younger plant, grown from seed in 2008 from Aymeric de Barmon, under the collection number of GK9028/99. This obviously hasn't developed any wool yet, so looks rather more like your plant.

It was described as Mammillaria gieseckei by Rogozinski, Mitteilungsdbl. AfM 25 (3): 113, 115, ill. (p.102), 2001. Based on Rogozinski 139a. Nom. inval. ( Art.36.1, 37.1)
[given as nom. nudum]

In Rogozinski's field list it is simply listed as Mammillaria spec., dichte weiße Scheitelwolle MEX-135, Flußbett b. Calipan, 1050-1300 m, Pue. (dense white apical wool). Plein has the same collection as his PN002 / 003 which he describes as gieseckei (dixanthocentron / supertexta).

Chris43, moderator

K 145/3 is Mam. gieseckei n.n., Calipam, Pue. Collector: Heinz-Josef Klein.
Mammillaria gieseckei is a natural hybrid, maybe between flavicentra and supertexta.

Jonathan Mohl, jr. member

In my collection....

Mammillaria gieseckei
from "Kakteen-Haage"

Mammillaria gieseckei
From "Ento" Ennio Toso collection - Savona

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Mammillaria gieseckei
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