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 M. compressa?

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PostSubject: M. compressa?   M. compressa? Icon_minitimeSun Oct 06, 2013 12:51 am

Hi all,
I have three Mamms here that are all a little different from each other & they have me a little confused. I am wondering if they are all M. compressa, just different varieties or are they different from each other? They are flowering at the moment so hopefully that will help with working out there ID's. As there seem to be sooooooo many mamms I am not sure were to start:oops:. I can't wait to get the right names for theses & thank you for your help in advance:D.

This one has multiple heads, long central spines & pink flowers
M. compressa? 2013-119
M. compressa? 20131014
M. compressa? 20131015

This has multiple heads bigger than the first one but has very short spines & pink flowers
M. compressa? 2013-120
M. compressa? 20131012

This one almost looks like a cross from the first two, it has some medium to long spines & pink flowers.
M. compressa? 2013-121
M. compressa? 20131013

Thank you for taking the time to have a look, if you need more detailed photos (spine etc) to work there ID please let me know & I will post them.

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M. compressa? Empty
PostSubject: Re: M. compressa?   M. compressa? Icon_minitimeTue Oct 08, 2013 4:59 pm

They are all compressa from different localities. The first one certainly looks like M. compressa from around Bernal/Cadereyta known as bernalensis. It has smaller heads. Number 3,  looks like a compressa from the SLP/ Nuevo leon states. I am not so sure about the whereabouts of number two. Perhaps more experienced Mammillariaphiles will enhance on this.
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M. compressa?
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