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 mammillaria zephyranthoides

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PostSubject: mammillaria zephyranthoides   mammillaria zephyranthoides Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 8:03 pm

mammillaria zephyranthoides

"this is a wonderful species when seen either in the wild, where it sits low in the ground, pretending it is a spider's web, or in cultivation, where it presents a challenge to grow other than slowly and with difficulty.
the watchword is slow, slow, slow, as in a old-fashioned waltz."
john pilbeam - mammillaria

a flower every week in this hot,hot,hot summer.
flowering lasts from may....

mammillaria zephyranthoides 4082-210

mammillaria zephyranthoides 4082-211

mammillaria zephyranthoides 4082-213
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mammillaria zephyranthoides
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