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 Mammillaria celsiana

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PostSubject: Mammillaria celsiana   Mammillaria celsiana Icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2012 4:49 pm

Mammillaria celsiana
There is so much doubt surrounding the correct application of this name, that has been dismissed by all authorities on this genus as a dubious and confused name.
Plants seen in cultivation so labelled are usually referable to M.muehlenpfordtii, or occasionally to M.dixanthocentron.
"Mammillaria" by John Pilbeam pag.321

Mammillaria celsiana CH 366
CH 366 - Jaromir Chvastek - San Luis de la Pas 2030m - Guanajuato - Mexico

Mammillaria celsiana Celsia10

Mammillaria celsiana Celsia11

Mammillaria celsiana
Loc: El Capuccin - Mexico

Mammillaria celsiana Celsia12

Mammillaria celsiana

Mammillaria celsiana 5053-210

Mammillaria celsiana 5053-211

Mammillaria celsiana 5053-212
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Mammillaria celsiana
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