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 Winter Care.

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PostSubject: Winter Care.   Winter Care. Icon_minitimeMon Jan 02, 2012 3:18 pm

Looking forward to this Wednesday,4th January 2012, 1st club meeting since November 2011. Chance to discuss any problems , failures or successes. Top of my list is the superb flowers produced this Autumn, particularly in my Hahniana plants , Woodsii in particular.There are still some in bloom now. All my plants have been kept dry since the end of October, and won't receive any water now till the middle of February, weather permitting. My 8'x6' greenhouse runs from north to south, and is presently uninsulated, but has polycarbonate glazing to the roof,with glass to the floor. It's heated at the moment by a Bio Green 1/2 Kilowatt heater set at 1 and kicks in when the temperature falls below 50F. I've just received my electricity bill and am pleasantly surprised by the miminal increase in usage. I am wondering if the polycarbonate acts as a form of insulation, and without the need to use bubble wrap etc. has allowed the plants more light, resulting in better performers. It's too early yet to get over excited, as the weather up till now has been very mild, with just the occasional frosty nights down here in the South. Who knows what this January /February will bring, but I'm hoping my set-up will prove to be a continuing success in the future. However, I do have bubble wrap in reserve if needed. Happy New Year to all cacti/succulent growers. Regards Derek.
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PostSubject: Re: Winter Care.   Winter Care. Icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2012 9:46 pm

Your polycarbonate should help. The thermal conductivity of glass is about 0.9 W - (m.K), and polycarbonate 0.3. I'm not quite sure what the units mean, but the lower figure means polycarbonate is a better insulator.

Chris43, moderator
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Winter Care.
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