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 Introduction of member Lee Goodfelow (Canada)

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PostSubject: Introduction of member Lee Goodfelow (Canada)   Introduction of member Lee Goodfelow (Canada) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 19, 2011 11:09 pm

My name is Lee Goodfellow. I am a retired elementary school teacher. During my university days in the 70s I collected Mammillarias. The past 20 years have been devoted to hybridizing Schlumbergera cactus of which I now have a number of named varieties grown in Europe. I have just started back into Mammillaria in the past few years. I have a large multi- headed Mam. parkinsonii given to me by a student as a Christmas present many years ago, which tends to develop double heads on each growing part., also a large yellow spined Mam. elongata cristata, a huge Mam. prolifera that belonged to my mother-inlaw and is at least 60 years old. It is about 14 inches across. Other plants include a variegated yellow Mam. marksiana growing on its own roots and a couple Mam. gracilis types as well as a large Mam. hahniana woodii. Other succulents in my collection include many hybrid smaller size Gasterias and some variegated forms of Haworthia. i especially like variegated and crested or cristate forms of mamillaria.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction of member Lee Goodfelow (Canada)   Introduction of member Lee Goodfelow (Canada) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 20, 2011 11:55 am

Welcome, Lee. You have some nice old plants there, its always good when one hears of older plants being looked after.
The Forum isn;t hugely active, but enough people do look in to give help, advice, or pose question sthemselves, so if there's anything you want to know just ask, or even if it is just to brag about an old plant, also please do!

Chris43, moderator
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Introduction of member Lee Goodfelow (Canada)
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